Scientific articles published/accepted in peer reviewed journals

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  5. 2022 – I. Villa-Machío, J. C. Zamora, J. V. Sandoval-Sierra, J. L. Blanco-Pastor, M. Fernández-Mazuecos & P. Jiménez-Mejías. Insect pollination in temperate sedges? A case study in Rhynchospora alba (Cyperaceae), Plant Biosystems (IF: 1.787; Q2) [Link]
  6. 2021 – J.L. Blanco-Pastor, I. Liberal, E.C. Brummer, Y. Wei, M. Sakiroglu, R.L. Andrew and B.E. Pfeil. Annual and perennial Medicago show signatures of parallel adaptation to climate in highly conserved genes. Molecular Ecology, 30, 4448-4465, (IF: 6.185; Q1-D1) [Link]
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  13. 2019 – J.L. Blanco-Pastor, Y.J.K. Bertrand, I.M. Liberal, Y. Wei, E.C. Brummer and B.E. Pfeil. Evolutionary networks from RADseq loci point to hybrid origins of Medicago carstiensis and Medicago cretacea. American Journal of Botany. 106(9): 1–10. Featured in AJB’s September 2019 “Highlights” section. (IF: 2.858; Q1) [Link]
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